Priority Pass Restaurant Timberline Steaks & Grille (DEN) – Shut Down On October 15th, 2019

Update 9/22/19: Servers are saying that the Timberline will close on October 15th.

Update 9/16/19: They are serving the full menu again, for some time they weren’t using the grill at all.

Update 03/01/18: According to TheWalshingMachine the Timberline restaurant has actually expanded into what ws the smoking lounge’s space. They also asked their server about the restaurant closing down and were told that everything has been pushed back and there is no indication on when it will begin. mwwalk was able to speak to a manager and was told nothing would be happening for the rest of this year. The plan is to go with a food concept they have in Downtown Denver (slightly upsale American type food), but again this won’t be happening for some time. It also isn’t clear if that new concept restaurant will be included in priority pass or not. Given that it won’t be changing until next year at the earliest it’s not something I would worry about it.

Update 02/27/18: According to Denver Business Journal the Smokin’ Bear Lodge Smoking lounge is closing on February 28th. This is owned by Mission Yogurt, who also own the Timberline Steaks & Grille and the Einstein Bros Bagels next door. The entire space will become a new restaurant according to DIA spokesman heath Montgomery. We’ve reached out to Priority Pass to try and find out when Timberline Steaks & Grille will be closing and if the replacement restaurant will be available to Priority Pass customers but they are yet to reply. Hat tip to lenin1991

Priority Pass has added another airport restaurant to their network of airport lounges, you can now get US$28 off the bill per person (e.g if you’re the primary cardholder and you bring one guest then you’ll get $56 off the bill) at the timberline steaks & grille at Denver International airport (Concourse C). The lounge is open 6-22 Sunday – Friday and 6-21 on Saturday. Lunch & Dinner menu can be found here, they also serve breakfast but I haven’t been able to locate that menu. Seems like $28 will cover most things on the menu apart from some of the more expensive steaks.

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It’s nice to see priority pass adding these restaurant options, especially in locates where they have little to no lounge presence. Priority Pass has been adding more and more of these airport restaurants in recent times. For example:

One thing a lot of people mentioned is that there is limited seating here and service/food coming out is slow (e.g allow for an hour+ for your order to go through and food to arrive). The $28 also can’t be used for gratuities. You can also get free draft beer with Yelp check in.

Update: This now no longer works on take out orders.

Hat tip to One Mile At A Time

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